Bluffton University Athletic scholarships

Bluffton University can be found in Bluffton, Ohio. They offer more than 50 undergraduate curriculum and several graduate studies. As the Christian university, their passion is to involve people in campus activities, develop their value for education, community service and incorporate Christian living in their students everyday lives. Business, Criminology, Food and Nutrition, Psychology, Music and Arts are some of the available study programs in Bluffton. The school is rich in tradition and is practicing the Honor Pledge while taking examinations.

Athletics Department of Bluffton University

For many years, the Department of Athletics has been developing sports, recreation and fitness programs for their students. Their main purpose is to attract participants in joining school sponsored leisure activities. They have scheduled intramural games for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Aside from these they usually have one day activity programs that are scheduled throughout the year which makes Bluffton University a haven for sports enthusiasts. These games are organized by the Intramural Director along with the help of Student Coordinators. They place invites throughout the classroom and make sure that everyone is aware of the upcoming events.

Athletic Programs of Bluffton University

There is a broad assortment of athletic programs in Bluffton University. These programs are supervised by head coaches. As of writing, they participate in a total of 14 intercollegiate sports (men and women). Both male and female members are given the training and guidance they need to boost their strengths in the field of play. Aside from these, an injured athlete can be assured that proper care and rehabilitation will be provided to get them back in shape in no time. They have competent medical teams that attend and rehabilitate sports team members that have been wounded in the game.

Official Sports Team: Bluffton Beavers

The Beavers are active participants of the Division III games. As a member of the two famous athletic associations, they make sure that they meet and exceed the set expectations. This practice made the Beavers well-known for their capability to deliver championship titles using their great team work. Their former team members have continued to excel in sports and in their chosen careers. Being given the best training that not only enhances their physical abilities, a lot of former Beavers are acknowledged as leaders in their society.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Bluffton University

Bluffon University students have a wide range of opportunities to secure scholarship grants. These endowments are given to outstanding members of the student body. Whether it is in the field of sports, music, theater, arts or academics, there is an opportunity available for the people who meet the school standards. Aside from these, they also provide information on how a student can apply for endowments from outside resources.
A student-athlete who is seeking for a grant should contact the Coaching Staff to discuss their options and opportunities of securing a scholarship. Note that these supports are given to people who have shown exemplary performance not only in the field of sports but in academics as well.

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