Bloomfield College Athletic Scholarships

Bloomfield College has been providing high quality education for almost 150 years. Located in Bloomfield, New Jersey, they offer four year courses to their diverse student population. Over the years, they have been able to attract enrollees from all over the United States and from other countries. The college has more than 30 associations that draw students to participate in school activities. They offer the option of on-campus and off-campus living. This gives incoming and existing students the opportunity to decide what will best suit their needs and personality.

Athletics Department of Bloomfield College

The Athletics Department of Bloomfield College offers both varsity and intramural sports, as well as recreational activities. They focus on helping students understand the importance of wellness and physical fitness. They have different levels of sports activities to meet each individual’s needs and preference. Their programs also reinforce camaraderie amongst its students.

At Bloomfield, interested participants are required to submit an Entry Form which will be reviewed and approved by the Athletic Department. This is done to ensure that each individual is fit for the activity that they will sign up for and to track if the students are qualified to be part of a program.

Athletic Programs of Bloomfield College

Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Cross Country and Baseball are the men’s sports programs offered by Bloomfield College while women athletes participate in Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Cross Country and Softball. Both local and international students can take part of the Athletics Program in Bloomfield. The screening process and requirements needed varies but guidelines are readily available and provided by the Athletic Department of the University.
At Bloomfield College, the focus is to develop the athlete’s skills both in academics and in the field of play. Comprehensive training on all the available sports programs and student education programs are provided to sports team members.

Official Sports Team: The Deacons

The Deacons actively participate in both Division I and II sports activities. Their affiliations with sports associations in the United States enables them to develop a good training program and recruit individual who have shown the skills required to succeed in sporting activities. Their athletes are supported by the student population and are known to show potential on both the field of sports they participate in and as well as in academics.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Bloomfield College

Student-athletes receive various levels of scholarships in Bloomfield College. They can apply for a grant which will be reviewed and approved by the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). The Division I and II provide grants to competent student-athletes which can last for a maximum of five years and should be renewed every semester. In addition, the school also offers their own athletic endowments to members of the sports team. These grants are given upon the recommendation of the Athletic Department.

Aside from this, the college also provides discounts to full time students and provides assistance in securing financial aids to several institutions to help students and parents afford private school education.

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