Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Athletic Scholarships

Located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg is a state university that offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate academic programs. They take pride with their affiliations with different educational institutions throughout the world which enables them to easily transfer students who would like to continue their education outside the United States. With their efforts in ensuring that each individual gets involved and enjoy their campus life, members and officers of the 250 student organizations continues to entice new members to join their club.

Athletics Department of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

The Bloomsburg University Athletics Department ensures that each student is given an option to join sports, recreational and fitness activities. They are focused on ensuring that each student develop their ‘inner huskies’ by developing their students physical, social and mental strengths. They have an array of options to choose from. These activities include wall climbing, basketball, outdoor ventures, group and individual participation in sporting activities, yoga, weightlifting and many more.

The Athletics Department is also devoted in providing the best training program and facility not just to the members of the sports team but as well as the rest of the student body in campus.

Athletic Programs of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

For many years, Bloomsburg has developed successful athletics programs. These include men and women’s sports. Regular extensive training allows their athletes to develop their skills in the field of play and educational support helps them deliver in the classroom. While they are noted for producing top quality athletes, it is also worthy to mention that these athletes perform well in academics.
Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Track and Field and Wrestling are some of the sports activities their male athletes participate in. While the women participate in Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Softball, Tennis, Swimming and many more.

Official Sports Team: Bloomsburg Huskies

The Bloomsburg Huskies are widely supported not only by the students of the university but they have also gained popularity in the community. They are known to produce excellent athletes that continue to make a name for themselves and for the Huskies after they have graduated or transferred from Bloomsburg. Proof of this is when an alumni named Chuck Daly was given the honor to coach the first Dream Team of the United States.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Like many universities and colleges in the United States, Bloomsburg provide endowments and grants to its student athletes. They offer annual scholarships that can be renewed and enjoyed for a maximum of five years and financial aids that is profiled to the need of the recipient. Interested applicants will need to submit their application and should be able to meet the minimum requirements of both the school and the sports associations that they engage in.
In addition, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania also offers academic scholarships and has been keen in seeking donations and sponsors to ensure that students who have the potential in both sports and academic get the support they need to continue their education.

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