Benedictine College Athletic Scholarships

Benedictine College is a post-secondary institution located in Atchinson, Kansas and is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church with ties to the Benedictine order. Benedictine College was founded in 1971 when Mount St. Scholastica College and St. Benedict’s College formed one co-educational institution. It is a residential liberal arts college and offers bachelor’s degrees as well as a number of master’s degrees. It’s most popular programs come out of the School of Business, the Education Department, the Theology Department, and the Engineering Department. The college has a total of 18 academic departments.

Athletics Department at Benedictine College

The Athletics Department offers varsity sports as well as student-athlete support services such as athletic training and academic coaching and advising. This ensures the success of each student-athlete in both athletics and academics. Athletic scholarships are available in men’s football, soccer, baseball, basketball, cross country, and track, and in women’s volleyball, softball, soccer, track, basketball, cross-country, and cheer and dance. Athletic awards also take into account academic achievement – not just athletic performance.

Athletics facilities at Benedictine College include a ballpark for baseball, the John Casey Soccer Center for soccer, the BC Softball Field, the Laughlin Track at the Larry Wilcox Stadium for track and field, the Haverty Center equipped with practice facilities, the athletic training facility, the O’Malley Field for football, and the Ralph Nolan Gymnasium for basketball and volleyball.

Athletic Programs at Benedictine College

Athletics programs at Benedictine College include varsity sports, intramural sports and club sports. Varsity sports include men’s baseball, cross country, soccer, basketball, football, wrestling, and track and field, as well as women’s cheerleading, cross country, basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, track and field, as well as a dance team. Intramural sports that are both fun and competitive in nature include flag football, soccer, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, water polo and more. The teams are either men’s, women’s or co-educational. Club sports also offer a competitive option for students who do not wish to compete at the varsity level. Club sports are offered in men’s and women’s lacrosse and rugby.

Official Sports Team: Ravens

The Benedictine College varsity teams are collectively known as the Ravens. The Benedictine Ravens are members of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and compete in the Heart of America Athletic Conference. The Ravens balance both athletics and academics, ensuring success in both areas.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Benedictine College

Benedictine College offers high-value scholarships for students who demonstrate academic excellence. Annually, more than $3.8 million is awarded in student aid to students at Benedictine College. Prestigious scholarships at Benedictine College include the Presidential Scholarship worth $22,550 and the Dean’s Scholarship worth $16,190, both of which are renewable. There is also the Gregorian Fellows Leadership Program, the Honors Scholarship, as well as a number of transfer awards for transferring students. Many scholarships are also available for those who are active in extracurricular activities or are pursuing a specific field of study. There are also scholarships for students in music and theater. These types of scholarships are renewable for up to four years as long as the student is enrolled in a five-year degree program.

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