Belmont Abbey College Athletic Scholarships

Belmont Abbey College, founded in 1876 by Benedictine monks, is a private liberal arts college located in Belmont, North Carolina. It is a post-secondary educational institution grounded in the Catholic teachings and affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church and the Order of Saint Benedict. The college has a student body of approximately 1,200. All students are required to complete a core curriculum before choosing a major. Belmont Abbey College offers a total of 17 majors in fields of study such as accounting, theology, elementary education, criminal justice, and more, and also offers language study, study abroad opportunities, internships and pre-professional programs. The college also has more than 40 student organizations, Greek organizations as well as an active student government association.

Athletics Department at Belmont Abbey College

The athletics department at Belmont Abbey College offers varsity sports as its primary athletic program, as well as necessary student-athlete support services to ensure their academic and athletic success.

Athletic facilities at Belmont Abbey College include the Crusader Field for softball, the Sacred Heart Tennis Courts, the Reidy Tennis Center, the Pine Island Country Club for tennis, the Alumni Field for soccer and lacrosse, the Abbey Yard for baseball, and the Wheeler Center for volleyball, basketball and wrestling.

Athletic Programs at Belmont Abbey College

The athletic programs at Belmont Abbey College include varsity sports and intramural sports.
Varsity sports include men’s basketball, cross country, baseball, track and field, wrestling, tennis, golf, lacrosse, volleyball and soccer, as well as women’s cross country, basketball, soccer, softball, golf, lacrosse, track and field, volleyball, and tennis. There are 16 intramural sports programs, such as disc golf, wiffleball, kickball, flag football, ping pong and more.

Official Sports Team: Crusaders

The Belmont Abbey Crusaders are members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II and compete in the Conference Carolinas. The basketball team has won regional tournament championship. In addition, the women’s soccer team, women’s volleyball team and men’s basketball team have won NCAA Division II conference championships.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Belmont Abbey College

Students who wish to apply for scholarships at Belmont Abbey College must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. In addition, all students who are awarded scholarships are subsequently required to complete 20 hours of community service as well as attend at least 10 hours of on-campus cultural events each year. Scholarships that are available include the Honors Fellowship, the Felix Hintemeyer Catholic Leadership Award, the St. Thomas More Scholarship, the Benedictine Academic Scholarship, the Abbey Opportunity Grant, and the Board of Trustees Award. All scholarships have GPA requirements, and a number of them are renewable as long as the requirements are maintained.

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