Barstow Community College Athletic Scholarships

Barstow Community College is a post-secondary educational institution with its main campus located in Barstow and a smaller campus in Fort Irwin, California. It is a two-year open admissions college that offers certificate and vocational training, as well as associate degrees in the social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics and occupational therapy. Barstow Community College has more than 3,700 students, many of whom transfer to 4-year institutions to earn their bachelor’s degree. Self-enrichment classes and service learning opportunities are also part of the Barstow Community College experience.

Athletics Department at Barstow Community College

Varsity sports at Barstow Community College are offered on a seasonal basis, with men’s and women’s basketball in the fall and baseball and softball in the spring. Student-athletes must attend a mandatory study program as well as an orientation class to encourage success in both academics and athletics. All student-athletes also have an academic adviser who helps guide them.

Athletic facilities at Barstow Community College include a gymnasium, playing fields and tennis courts.

Athletic Programs at Barstow Community College

The athletic programs at Barstow Community College are limited to basketball, baseball and softball, all of which are varsity sports. There are no intramural sports, club sports or group fitness classes offered at Barstow Community College.

Official Sports Team: Vikings

Barstow Community College is a member of the Community College League of California’s Commission on Athletics and compete in the Foothill Conference in league competitions. The college’s teams are known collectively as the Vikings, and their mascot is a Viking warrior. Student-athletes who transfer to four-year institutions and wish to continue participating in varsity sports must fulfill the eligibility standards of either the National Collegiate Athletic Association or the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. A number of teams have won both state and divisional championships in the past. The Vikings have also produced a number of graduates who have continued their athletic careers, among them a Seattle Mariners player and an MCB player for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Barstow Community College

Barstow Community College has 35 scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen, transfer and continuing students. The scholarships are funded by local companies or foundations. Some awards are endowed or memorial scholarships. All scholarships that are listed are also open to students from other colleges and universities – Barstow Community College does not have its own scholarships. Students who demonstrate financial need may submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to be eligible for scholarships from the California Community College Student Financial Aid Administrators Association.

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