Barclay College Athletic Scholarships

Barclay College, established in 1917, is a higher education institution affiliated with the Quakers, or the Religious Society of Friends. It is a private college located in Haviland, Texas, that offers students an education that is centered on Christian values and the bible with an emphasis on service and leadership. Barclay College has a small student enrollment of approximately 210 students. Well-known for its degrees in ministry, Barclay College offers 13 undergraduate degrees in worship arts, Christian school education, theology, youth ministry and more, with 6 minors such as music, administration, psychology. The college also offers certificates in biblical knowledge and ministry, as well as associate degrees in biblical studies and general studies. There is also a Master of Arts in transformational leadership offered at Barclay College.

Athletics Department at Barclay College

The athletics department at Barclay College offers only four varsity sports team’s: men and women’s basketball, men’s soccer, women’s volleyball, and cross country. The Hockett Auditorium serves as the school gymnasium for basketball and volleyball, while soccer and cross country facilities are outdoor fields. The staff and coaches at the athletics department seeks to form each student-athlete in the image of Christ, emphasizing Christian values and sportsmanship in athletic competitions.

Athletic Programs at Barclay College

The athletic programs at Barclay College include both varsity sports and intramural sports. Varsity sports at Barclay College include basketball, soccer, volleyball and cross country. There are, however, more intramural sports offerings, although these are dependent on student interest. Intramural sports may include ultimate Frisbee, indoor soccer, softball, volleyball, ping pong, disc golf, flag football, and basketball. Unfortunately, there are not fitness classes or recreational sporting activities available to students at Barclay College.

Official Sports Team: Bears

The Barclay Bears are members of the National Christian College Athletic Association and compete in the Midwest Christian College Conference. The women’s teams are referred to as the Lady Bears. The Barclay Bears strive to achieve excellence in both academics and athletics. The team mascot is a bear.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Barclay College

For full-time students who live on campus, Barclay College offers full-tuition scholarship opportunities worth $11,000. For full-time students who live off-campus, there is a tuition scholarship of $3,700. Students may also apply for federal grants which take into account solely financial need when determining eligibility. All students applying for scholarships at Barclay College must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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