Barber-Scotia College Athletic Scholarships

The Barber-Scotia College in Concord, North Carolina was once a female seminary before becoming a college that accepts both men and women students. It is a historically black school that offers bachelors degree programs in Science. The college has a very small student population that sums up to less than 150 students each year. In recent years, the school has started to apply for accreditation of several educational institutions and strengthen their ties with the community.

Athletics Department of Barber-Scotia College

The athletics department of the Barber-Scotia College would like to make sure that they are able to give their student athletes with the support they need in order for them to develop their strengths in athletics. While they aim to produce winning athletes, they are very keen on monitoring the performance of players in academics and would like them to know that this will always be the number one priority. Because of this, they keep a balance between classroom studies and participation in college sports.

Athletic Programs of Barber-Scotia College

The Barber-Scotia College offers three athletic programs. During winter, their athletes compete in men’s basketball and women’s basketball and when spring comes; their baseball team starts to play against other campuses. Though they are a small college, they have recently announced the desire to add sports like soccer, cross country and track and field to their male and female students. However, they have not advised of a timeframe on when this will be made available. They are currently in the planning stage and would like to make sure that they are prepared with funding this endeavor.

Official Sports Team: Sabers

The nickname of the sports team of the Barber-Scotia College is the Sabers. They compete with the other members of the USCAA (United States Collegiate Athletic Association). Though a small team, the Sabers are able to show their strengths in athletics and is determined to become the best in the field of sports they take part in.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Barber-Scotia College

The Barber-Scotia College knows the difficulties a family or a student may encounter in funding their college education. As such, they have partnered with institutions that will help their learners get the assistance they need in order for them to attain their goals of acquiring a college diploma. A quick visit to the Financial Aid Office will enlighten an enrollee about the process of application and the requirements needed. The team of councilors is determined to do all they can to assist during the process of sending off the form. This aid can be renewed given that the student is able to adhere to the policies surrounding the grant they have been awarded with.

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