Baltimore City Community College Athletic Scholarships.

Baltimore City Community College, founded in 1947 and located in Baltimore, Maryland, is a two-year post-secondary educational institution. The college has three campus locations: Liberty campus, Harbor Campus, and Reisterstown Road Plaza. In addition, there are also programs offered through the National Weatherization Training Center, the Life Sciences Institute, and the Maryland Center for Construction Technologies. All together, approximately 7,200 students attend Baltimore City Community College. Students who attend this college either earn a transfer degree or enroll in a vocational or certificate program in order to gain job-related skills.

Athletics Department at Baltimore City Community College

The athletics department at Baltimore City Community College offers extensive support services to its student-athletes who participate in varsity sports. These services include athletic training, sports medicine, and academic support. At the Student Success Center, students receive advising, while at the Center for Academic Achievement students may go in for free tutoring. There is also academic monitoring and student-athletes are taught the proper study skills for optimal academic success.

Athletic facilities include the Physical Education Center, which is the main athletic facility and is equipped with classrooms, a gymnasium, a cardio and weight room, dance and aerobic rooms, athletic training rooms and offices. The cardio and weight room is equipped with treadmills, elliptical trainers, free weights, a bench press and more. In addition, there is also an on-campus tennis court.

Athletic Programs at Baltimore City Community College

The athletic programs at Baltimore City Community College are limited to only varsity sports. Sports programs include men’s basketball and cross country, as well as women’s basketball, tennis, volleyball and cross country. At present, there are no club sports or intramural sports offered at Baltimore City Community College. However, there are also other facilities such as a fitness center and weight room that are open to students and offers drop-in sporting events in indoor soccer, basketball, tennis and volleyball.

Official Sports Team: Panthers

The Baltimore Panthers are members of the National Junior College Athletic Association Region 20 and all sports teams compete in the Maryland Junior College Athletic Conference. The Panthers have a tradition of both academic and athletic success, and through the years student-athletes have maintained both high grades in the classroom and high scores in the playing field. The sports teams of Baltimore City Community College have gained the reputation of being one of the more competitive schools in terms of athletics in the region.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Baltimore City Community College

Scholarships at Baltimore City Community College are awarded to incoming freshmen students who have good academic standing at their previous high school. Scholarships include the Granville T. Woods Award, the Schaefer Honors Scholarship, the Reginald Lewis Honors Scholarship, and the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship. Students who demonstrate academic excellence and are in good standing may also be nominated for the Jack Kent Cook Scholarship, for the All American Team, or for an internship at the Washington Center. There are also need-based scholarships available for students who successfully complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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