Baldwin Wallace University Athletic Schoarships

Baldwin Wallace University was established in 1845 by Methodist settlers and is located in Berea, Ohio. It is a private liberal arts college with a coeducational student body of just less than 4,000. Baldwin Wallace University has its main campus in Berea, as well as a smaller campus in Beachwood. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 50 fields of studies, as well as pre-professional programs. Students are also offered the options of weekend and evening classes in a number of certificate programs and majors. The education, neuroscience, music and business degrees of Baldwin Wallace University have been recognized at outstanding academic programs.

Athletics Department at Baldwin Wallace University

Baldwin University boasts an athletic department with comprehensive sports programs and student-athlete support services such as academic tutoring and athletic training.

Athletic facilities include the Lou Higgins Center, home of the varsity athletics program, the Health and Physical Education Division, as well as the various sports and recreational programs; the George Finnie Stadium for football, soccer, and track and field; the Heritage Field for baseball; the Pop Collins Tennis Complex; and the Fairgrounds Softball Field.

Athletic Programs at Baldwin Wallace University

The athletic programs at Baldwin Wallace University include men’s baseball, cross country, basketball, lacrosse, football, golf, swimming and diving, soccer, wrestling, track and field, and tennis, as well as women’s cross country, golf, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, track and field, tennis, and volleyball.

In addition to varsity sports, there are also competitive club sports that engage in intercollegiate competitions. Club sports include archery, rowing, paintball, racquetball, water polo and men’s volleyball. There are also 40 intramural sports such as ultimate Frisbee, basketball, volleyball, flag football and more. Outdoor recreational activities such as skiing, kayaking and cycling are good options for students who would like to stay active but not engage in team sports. The fitness center also has individual and group fitness classes, a pool, weight room, and workout facilities.

Official Sports Team: Yellow Jackets

The Baldwin Yellow Jackets are members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III and compete in the Ohio Athletic Conference. The Yellow Jackets have a long record of success in athletics, and hold numerous titles. The football team holds an all-time record of 546 wins in the Ohio Athletic Conference. The men’s basketball team has also demonstrated athletic excellence by winning 5 OAC championships, and 5 OAC tournament titles. The women’s basketball team also holds 7 seasonal OAC titles. The cross country teams hold 16 titles for women and 5 titles for men. In addition, the wrestling team has won 18 OAC championships and 2 NCAA national championships.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Baldwin Wallace University

Scholarships at Baldwin Wallace University are available through the Financial Aid Office. Most of the scholarships are academic merit awards for incoming freshmen students. The three most prestigious scholarships are the Presidential Scholarship of $13,000, the Trustees Scholarship of $12,000, and the Deans Scholarship of $11,000. These awards look at high school GPA scores as well as ACT or SAT scores to determine eligibility. There are also a number of special awards, such as the Alumni Award of $2,000, the Sibling Award of $2,000, the Ministerial Award for children of Methodist ministers worth $2,000, as well as the Griffiths Scholarship for music majors. There is also an out-of-state Liberal Arts Residency Grant worth $4,000 for students who are not from Ohio. For full-time transfer students, there are a limited number of scholarships worth anywhere from $1,000 to $8,500.

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