Bakersfield College Athletic Scholarships

Bakersfield College, founded in 1913, is a public community college in Bakersfield, California with a student population of approximately 17,400. Students may work towards either an associate degree or certificate, depending on their field of study. There are a total of 53 fields of study including radiologic technology, foot and nutrition, computer studies, child development and education, agriculture political science and more. Online study options as well as work experience opportunities are also available. There is also the Leval Institute for Lifelong Learning which offers classes to people who are aged 55 and older.

Athletics Department at Bakersfield College

The athletics department at Bakersfield College has been offering varsity sports to student-athletes since 1922. Today, more than 300 student-athletes are participating in 18 teams. In addition to varsity sports, the athletics department also offers sports medicine and athletic training for student-athletes.

The athletic facilities at Bakersfield College include the Memorial Stadium for football and track and field, the Dean and Adah Gay Sports Complex for basketball and baseball, as well as a fitness center and heavy weight room for student use and athletic training.

Athletic Programs at Bakersfield College

Varsity sports at Bakersfield College include men’s basketball, football, cross country, wrestling, baseball, tennis, track and field, swimming and golf. Women’s varsity sports include basketball, golf, soccer, cross country, volleyball, softball, tennis, track and field, and swimming. There is also a cheerleading team. The athletic programs at Bakersfield College are limited to varsity sports, as intramural and club sports have not yet been established.

Official Sports Team: Renegades

The Bakersfield Renegades, also known as the ‘Gades are members of the California Community College Athletic Association and competes in the Western State Conference. The Renegades hold a total of 168 conference championships, 13 state championships, and 10 national championships. One of the most successful of the Renegades is the men’s football team, having produced a number of professional NFL players.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College awards more than 300 scholarships annually to incoming and continuing students. Scholarships are awarded through the Office of Financial Aid and scholarship applications must be filed in order to be considered for available scholarships. Scholarship funds for both academic and need-based awards come from the Bakersfield College Foundation, as well as individual donors and community organizations. Eligibility criteria may include field of study, GPA scores, place of residence, or high school. Scholarships are mostly for incoming freshmen, although there are also opportunities for transfer students. There are a total of only 20 scholarships, which include departmental scholarships, memorial and endowed scholarships, as well as company-sponsored awards.

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