About ASA College

The ASA College was established in 1985 and was known then as ‘Advanced Software Analysis’ as a means by which a professor and 12 students could address the shortage of qualified mainframe programmers at that time. Success and growth soon followed and today it has three locations, two in New York and one in Miami, thousands of students, and an expanded program of studies that now includes in-demand business, healthcare, and criminal justice specializations aside from the traditional computer and information technology areas where its excellence began. Getting a degree or certificate from ASA, which emphasizes the strength in education and beauty in knowledge, merits a stamp of approval from the industry they are about to enter because of the practical training that augmented their education at the college. ASA is authorized by the New York State Board of Regents to confer the Associate of Occupational Studies and the Associate in Applied Science degrees and also by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Athletics Department of ASA College

The athletics department of the ASA College covers the needs of students to be physically fit and active. Aside from fitness activities, the department is concentrated in the support of intramural programs that allows students who are not varsity players to compete in sports of his or her choice. Although basically a competition, intramural sports programs are usually more fun and are more inclined towards socialization and are far less demanding than the actual intercollegiate sports. Sports activities promoted by the college include soccer, basketball, flag football, volleyball, tennis and many more. The tournament comprised of teams from three different campuses. The school provides free coaching, uniforms, sports gear and practice facilities.

Athletic Programs of ASA College

The varsity programs of the ASA College consist of men and women’s sports divisions. The men’s cover baseball, basketball, cross country, football, indoor track & field, outdoor track and field, soccer, lacrosse while the women has basketball, cross country, indoor track field, outdoor track and field, soccer, and tennis contingents. A big part of building strong sports teams relies on the support of the school and students and hiring of the best coaches and their training staff that makes long and short term planning and strategies for the teams. The student-athletes compete in the prestigious Junior College Athletic Association.


The ASA College varsity teams are called the Avengers. The school and the students are well aware of the teams’ contribution to the school’s prestige and honor. Even in just a short period since its inception in 2008, the Avengers have already achieved huge success in both athletics and academic field, bringing home 29 NJCAA All-Americans; 17 NJCAA Academic Achievement Awards; 5 Region XV Tournament Championships; 7 Region XV Player of the Year; 6 Region XV Coach of the Year Awards; over 30 All-Northeast Football Conference selections; and 51 All-Region XV performers.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at ASA College

One of the several scholarship programs available at the ASA College is the athletic scholarship. This program is classified into different categories such as full tuition, full scholarship, and partial scholarship. Head coaches arbitrate the selection process based on the student’s athletic ability, compliance with school requirements, the current needs of the team, and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) rules and regulations. Other means of student assistance are also provided by means of grants and loans which are facilitated by the college’s Financial Aid Office.

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