Most of you would be aware of the tragic events that unfolded at this years blue rock classic, the women’s team beat the men. A re-match has been arranged and the same teams will be fighting it out in the high country where men are men and…………sorry I lost my train of thought there…seems to happen a lot lately.

The teams are not exactly the same because the Burgess family is moving away which is quite sad but we all hope they are moving onto bigger and better things. So, back to the story, Mark and Kim will be doing the bike leg for their respective teams and Linda and I will be doing the paddle. Our new runners are Bruised Salisbury for the men and Ian Twite for the women. Thank you Bruce and Ian, we salute you.

Now all you nasty people that have been calling Twitey a girl behind his back can now look him in the eye and call him one because it’s now official, Twitey is a girl, it say’s so on the entry form.

Bruised and Twitey had a great clash at “King of the Mountain” with Twitey taking out the honors, only just, so this should be a grudge race to remember. MM hopes they run each other into the ground, with the Melbourne Marathon only a week away it’s probably his only hope of beating them.

I have also received an anonymous letter in which the writer claims that the men’s team was sabotaged at Blue Rock. This explains everything, Mark’s puncture, the horse mysteriously falling over and my Kayak turning turtle. I have turned the letter over to the police who have promised me there will be a full investigation. Well they said they would be in touch, well, OK, he told me to P… off.

The men’s team has a big advantage, I have done the paddle before so I know the way, Linda could get lost, Bruised has completed the run as well and is coming back to do it again which just proves what you have all been saying behind his back……………….Mark is teaching Kim how to fix a puncture and is helping to set up her bike so if she follows his instructions she should be right out of the race.

This is not an event for the faint hearted; see the picture above of me on one of the calmer patches of river during last years paddle. If you don’t believe it’s me just ask Barry Higgins, it’s his boat and I am sure he will recognize my paddling style.


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