About Anna Marie College

Anna Marie College is a private, coeducational Catholic college offering 4-year liberal arts and sciences education and is located on a vast 192-acre span in Paxton, Massachusetts, proximate to the renowned college-town of Worcester. It has a rich history since being founded by the Sisters of Saint Anne in 1946 to provide quality education which until now is being fulfilled as proven by the New England Association of School and Colleges accreditation and successful graduates. Widely acknowledge as a strong liberal arts college, AMC has a prominent and responsive faculty, small class sizes, and offers majors in political science, psychology, health science, nursing, art and art therapy, business, education, environmental studies, and many others.

Athletics Department of Anna Marie College

The athletics department of Anna Marie College aims at developing the physical well being of the students to complete the total body-mind-spirit lifestyle. Students with high athletic aspirations can join the athletics team and continue with their studies at the same time. Non-varsity students whose concentration is more focused on studies can participate in recreational sports activities like friendly games or intramurals which is heavily supported by the department. AMC provides facilities to promote competitive and recreational sports and fitness like the Fuller Fitness Center, which has state-of-the-art facilities, Paxton Sports Centre, which hosts men and women’s tennis, Fuller Activity Center where basketball and volleyball games are held, AMCAT Field with modern synthetic turf surface for multi-purpose sports usage, and MCAT Center which contains training room, administrative offices and locker rooms.

Athletic Programs of Anna Marie College

The athletic programs of Anna Marie College focus on building sports teams where athletes’ performances in the games and classrooms set an example of excellence, leadership and service to all students. AMC has baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and volleyball sports teams for men and basketball, cross-country, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball team for women. These teams compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III and the Great North Atlantic Conference (GNAC) and believe that intercollegiate athletics is a vital to a successful educational experience,


With eager fans checking even their Twitter accounts and other social media platforms for game results of their beloved teams, the Anna Marie College AMCATS, proves the huge following among the students for these sports teams. In live games at hard courts and other sports arenas, the player’s moves are cheered with thunderous applause. The players respond with peak performances and satisfactory result and assure fans of best sportsmanship effort at all times. The AMCATS is proud of their 2013 GNAC Award for Sportsmanship.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Anna Marie College

As proof of its commitment to make quality education accessible to many, Anna Marie College offers merit scholarships and grants and more than 90% of students at Anna Marie College receive need-based assistance. With the help of private and public donors, AMC is able to sustain named and endowed scholarships and grants, like the New England Catholic High School Scholarship Program, and the Federal Pell Grant, whose criteria are set by the donors themselves. Financial aid in the form of loans has many options available as provided by the school, including internal and institutional lending like Federal Direct Stafford Loan, with which AMC coordinates for the students. The financial aid staff is always ready to assist parents and students in choosing the best option available for them.

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