About Angelo State University

Located in a 268 acre central area of a West Texas community in San Angelo, Angelo State University stands as a bastion of quality education since it was founded in 1928. ASU is a public coeducational institution that offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral education programs in liberal arts, sciences and other disciplines and is a member of the Texas Tech University System. The school, together with the distinguished faculty and students, creates a unique learning environment characterized by an integration of teaching, research, service, innovative endeavor and social enrichment. Through academic theories and practical trainings, a productive career and responsible citizenry awaits the students upon graduation.

Athletics Department of Angelo State University

The athletics department of Angelo State University has laid out a master plan in line with the goal of promoting the physical and mental well being of the students. Athletes and non-athletes are encouraged to participate in fitness programs and sports activities in whatever level, from recreational games to intercollegiate. Building and expanding facilities is a vital support for the goal and is exemplified by the Junell Center/Stephens Arena, a modern world-class structure that is ideal for educational, cultural, social and athletic events capable of accommodating thousands of spectators or audiences. The sports training facilities of the university include a gleaming wooden court, which is a versatile venue for indoor sports and two first class weight rooms that contains weight and cardiovascular machines for workouts. These are the reasons why its sports training facilities are considered among the best in Texas and Division II.

Athletic Programs of Angelo State University

The athletic programs of Angelo State University include a varsity component that is responsible in fielding intercollegiate sports teams that include five men’s teams – baseball, basketball, cross country, football and outdoor track & field and eight women’s teams – basketball, cross country, golf, indoor track & field, soccer, softball and volleyball. The athletes test their skills and abilities against their competitors in the tough National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II and the Lone Star Conference. To maintain the strength of the teams every year, the department is meticulous in their athletic recruitment program. The head coaches of each team, with the approval of the athletic director, are responsible for the search and selection of new recruits that will beef-up the roster of athletes.

OFFICIAL SPORTS TEAM:Angelo State University Rams

Team members of the official sports team of Angelo State University are fondly called Rams and Rambelles by their loyal and avid fans, whose boisterous cheering gives the athletes extra boost in every game they play. Recent great achievements of the Rams and Rambelles include capturing the 2007 NCAA Division II National Championship in women’s hammer throw, the 40th track and field national title, the rare feat of sending both softball and baseball teams to the College World Series, which was accomplished in 2007, and the Rambelles winning the 2004 NCAA Division II National Championship in softball and bagging the 2010 NCAA Division II Outdoor Track & Field National Championship for women.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Angelo State University

Nearly three out of four students at Angelo State University (ASU) are recipient of financial aid one in every six students avail of the Carr Academic Scholarship Program. Generous donors are the primary partners of ASU in its commitment to help students graduate from college, pursue successful careers and be a positive contributor or a leader in the community. Student-athletes have a special role in representing the school in intercollegiate sports activities and are recognized by the university and provided with the chance to achieve their athletic ambitions and obtain a degree. General athletics scholarships like the LeGrand Athletic Enrichment Endowment, Chase Athletic Scholarships, Mayme K. Daniel Academic Award for Athletes, and others appreciate not only athletic achievements, but as well as academic excellence. Scholarships set aside for particular sports are available in football, volleyball, athletic training and other areas which include the Richard G. Mayer Scholarship for Football, Randy Matthews Athletic Training Scholarship, Jennifer Cooke- Beverly Borron Scholarship for volleyball, and others. All students can get advice from the school staff as to what type of scholarship, grant or loans they are eligible and most beneficial to them.

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