About Angelina College

Community educational institution Angelina College is located in Lufkin, Texas, with specialized branches in nearby Nacogdoches and Crockett and offers 2-year programs that give students the option to start a career upon graduation or pursue higher learning in a 4-year learning institution. Practical training and exposure are emphasized on the programs that lead to immediate employment, producing graduates that are industry-ready and highly in-demand. The college is approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Bureau and the Texas Education Agency and is also accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges. Due to a well known quality education and liberal admission the school attracts students from across the country, creating a healthy diversity in the student population.

Athletics Department of Angelina College

The main function of the athletics department of Angelina College is to promote health and fitness among the students by introducing sports activities and fitness programs. Students with an athletic desire to compete in intercollegiate level can join the college sports team as athletes. Building a strong line-up and cohesive team is a big challenge for the department which seeks the expertise of head coaches, assistant coaches, athletic director, and athletic trainers. Non-varsity students can stay fit and stress free though intramural sports which integrate more recreational in approach. Both kinds of students are encouraged to work out in the Weight Room, the gym and fitness center of the school. Other facilities include the Shand’s Arena and the Locker Room.

Athletic Programs of Angelina College

The main activity of Angelina College’s athletic programs is concentrated in the participation of its sports teams in men’s and women’s basketball, baseball and softball intercollegiate competition. Angelina competes in the NJCAA Region XIV Texas Eastern Conference. Student-athletes that make it to the official sports team will have an opportunity for a strong learning environment, good social climate, exposure and recognition, and be part of a winning tradition.

OFFICIAL SPORTS TEAM: Angelina College Roadrunners

Men and Women athletes comprise the official sports team known as Angelina College Roadrunners. These committed athletes are expected to perform well in the sports arena and classrooms. As representatives of the college in intercollegiate events, their exemplary sportsmanship promotes goodwill for the school. Fans not only enjoy and are thrilled to watch the Roadrunner games, but also bask in the glory of the successes of the team. Individual and team awards have already been given to the Roadrunners several times in the all the sports that they joined. In men’s basketball, players made it to NJCAA First Team All-American, Most points scored in a single game, and most in a single season by an individual. The women’s basketball team has similar individual player achievements, including many others.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Angelina College

Different types of scholarships are offered by Angelina College for students who have a flair for the music, the arts or those who graduated at the top of high school class and many more kinds. Over 200 scholarships are awarded during the fall and spring semesters, highlighting the desire of Angelina to assist students in achieving their academic ambitions. Without the support of private and public donors who decide the criteria for the selection of their scholars, recipient graduates will not be as successful as they are today. A unique scholarship grant provided by the college is called the Pell Grant, providing aid to students with no repayment required. Loans and employment opportunities inside the campus are open to students as other options in case they did not qualify on any scholarship or grant programs.

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