About Andrews University

At Andrews University, scholarly pursuit is combined with quality research and Christian way of living. Considered as the best-known and flagship Adventist institution for education in the world, Andrews offers a wide variety of educational programs in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees to accommodate the various interests of its students. With affiliate schools and service posts around the world, Andrews provides distinct opportunities for students to study abroad and pursue a broader choice of career. Students in different parts of the U.S. and the globe enroll at the university, for its beliefs and aspirations and the diversity of students that converge transforms the university into virtually an international community.

Athletics Department of Andrews University

The motto, “Body, Mind, and Spirit” aptly describes the thrust of the athletic department of Andrews University. A conscious effort by the Christian institute to develop physical well being is necessary to achieve better results in academics Student-athletes who spent more time in sports than non-athletes should give the same amount of academic efforts while non-varsity needs to balance their classroom activities with less demanding friendly sports intramurals and fitness activities. Andrews University encourages participation by providing exciting recreational sports and games throughout the year like men’s and women’s golf, volleyball, softball, flag football, soccer, basketball, floor hockey, tennis and badminton. The faculty, staff, and alumni are also invited to join in a Christian fellowship environment.

Athletic Programs of Andrews University

With concentration on the varsity teams in basketball and soccer in both men’s and women’s category, the athletic programs of Andrew University compensates quantity with sports team quality. The sports teams compete in basketball and soccer intercollegiate tournaments, most notable of which are the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III. The team also plays with the same schools of USCAA in the NAIA Division 2. An additional sports team, the Cardinals Ice Hockey squad, actively participates in local leagues.

OFFICIAL SPORTS TEAM: Andrews University Cardinals

For student fans following the games of their favorite sports team like the Andrews University Cardinals can turn college life into thrilling and enjoyable experience. Hard-fought games, excellent execution of plays in the court, never-say-die attitude of the players gives an added dimension to college sports distinct even to professional leagues. The word “amateur” which translates to love of the sports is never as evident as it is in college sports. The commitment and efforts of the student-athletes of Andrews has been fittingly rewarded by various awards, including the USCAA Men’s Division II Basketball National Championship for 2 consecutive years in 2012, and individual awards as All-American and All-American Honorable Mention in men’s basketball. In 2013 AU was ranked #3 among 100 USCAA teams in men’s basketball.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Andrews University

With a generous and noble desire to assist students achieve an educational degree in a Seventh-day Adventist Christian environment, Andrews University offers financial aid packaged as scholarships, grants or loans. Led by Andrews Partnership Scholarship, which is funded by Andrews University, scholarships are offered as merit-based, named, transfer students, and student missionary/tank force volunteer categories. Andrews Gift is a grant structured to student’s needs as recommended by the financial aid information staff. Aside from the free financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants, there are also other financial programs that require repayment at some point. These are classified as federal and alternative loans. Almost all students have benefited from these facilities in one form or another.

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