About Andrew College

College experience becomes highly educational and pleasant when spent in Andrew College, a small, residential, 2-year liberal arts college with a United Methodist Church affiliation. Earning a degree in the 40-acre relaxed rural campus of Andrew, which is located in southwest Georgia, is aided by an excellent teaching staff, adequate school facilities and their well known favorable teacher-to-student ratio. The extra guidance and support give the student an edge whether after graduation, they wish to pursue further study or start a career. Graduates usually transfer and pursue higher education to larger schools like Auburn University, the University of Georgia, LaGrange College, Emory University, Valdosta State University, Georgia Southwestern State University, Florida State University, University of Florida, and University of Alabama. Graduates of Andrew become assets of these schools.

Athletics Department of Andrew College

The athletics department of Andrew College firmly believes in the importance of recreation and fitness to relieve the pressures of academic demands on students. Spearheaded by an intramural director, various leagues and tournaments are organized for the non-varsity students like indoor/outdoor volleyball, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, and others. Several fitness facilities are maintained by the college to benefit students, faculty and staff like the Fitness Center and Gymnasium. Students as friendly groups can enjoy leisure hours at the Student Canteen. Another way for the college to encourage involvement in games is by creating ImLeagues, an online sports website where students can find information and personal reminders about the games that they participate in.

Athletic Programs of Andrew College

Andrew College focuses on their athletics program and considers it as a major area of college activities. Student-athletes who represent the school in various intercollegiate competitions are provided with full support in their athletic needs. They are also given an opportunity to shine in academics with the same backing. These athletes compete in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), Georgia Collegiate Athletic Association (GCAA) and other tournaments and events in intercollegiate sports that include: baseball, soccer, fast pitch softball, and golf for men and basketball and volleyball for women. Showing their wares in games on an individual or team capacity, these athletes are often considered for the All-Region Team and many end up as starters in four-year institutions where they choose to upgrade their educational attainments.

OFFICIAL SPORTS TEAM:Andrew College Fighting Tigers

The Fighting Tigers of Andrew College conduct themselves according to the college’s principles whether they are inside the court or classroom; which are summarized by: letter T for teamwork, the letter I is for integrity, G is for gratitude, E is for effort, R is for respect and S is for self-discipline. Fans who cheer the Tigers during the games are also awed by their character and ability to excel in both athletics and academics. The fans show their support by congratulating their favorite athletes who are recruited as starters in bigger schools after graduating from Andrew.
Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Andrew College

Financial aid, through scholarships, grants and loans is the adopted means of support by Andrew College to empower students. Considering scholarships as a fair and noble vehicle to help the students and the community, the college gives assistance to students with talent or those with financial needs. Students with athletic ability and potentially suited to fit-in with any of the intercollegiate sports that include soccer, softball, baseball, golf and volleyball, can avail of the opportunity to be a prestigious athletic scholar. The amounts of scholarship granted to students are based on their skills, needs and availability. The selection process is mainly decided by the head coach. Academic scholarships are numerous and are awarded to students by virtue of academic merits and their potential to contribute to the community. The Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts, the United Methodist Awards, and the Mass Media Scholarships are various forms of scholarship suggestive of their names. Grants and loans are other options available to the need-based category of students. The college is supported by benevolent donors in delivering scholarship opportunities to students.

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