About Ancilla College

A traditionally Roman Catholic higher learning institution and supported by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, Ancilla College provides liberal arts education to students of diverse backgrounds and mostly from the seven surrounding counties of Indiana. The college grants associate degrees in multiple programs and disciplines which students can later pursue further. Characterized as rural, the vast land area occupied by the college at Donaldson, Indiana is perfect for a campus conducive to learning.

Athletics Department of Ancilla College

With state of the art sports facilities provided by the Athletics Department of Ancilla College, athletes and students alike can enjoy sports activities for leisure and competition. The Charger Arena in The LifePlex of Plymouth, Indiana host basketball and volleyball games and matches. Baseball, softball and soccer activities are held at the well maintained Charger Athletic Complex, located a small fraction of a mile west of the college classroom and offices, while the prestigious Swan Lake Golf Resort, which can be found approximately five miles northeast of campus host the Ancilla College golf and houses the United States Golf Academy.

Athletic Programs of Ancilla College

Ancilla College is involved in inter college competition in both men’s and women’s division. Men’s sports include baseball, basketball, golf and soccer while women’s sports cover basketball, softball and volleyball. Cheerleading is included as a co-ed sport. Expert trainers, head coaches and assistant coaches in all their sports programs are meticulously chosen to lend professional training and guidance and keep athlete students competitive and safe in tournaments. Being a firm believer of a well balanced student success, the college incorporates the importance of studies in the career of student athletes through academic advisors who guide them and address their needs.

Official Sports Team: Ancilla College Chargers

In all competitive sports they joined, winning is always in the mind of the Ancilla College Chargers, but what endeared them to their supporters is how they play the game. They showed character and snatched some victories in intercollegiate competitions like SSC Tournament, Jackson Invitational, Region Tournament, MCCAA Conference and NJCAA Men’s Division II among others. They are not lacking in individual recognition by various sports body. In winning their first MCCAA conference, the soccer team had four players and the head coach garnering top individual honors.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Ancilla College

Although a firm believer that education is first and athletics is second, Ancilla College supports athletic scholarships with the same zeal as academic scholarships. A number of intercollegiate sports for men and women are being sponsored by the college as a way of helping student –athletes gain academic advancement in a degree program of their choice. These include baseball, basketball, golf, soccer and volleyball. The athletes compete in prestigious tournaments like the ones organized by the Michigan Community College Athletic Association and the National Junior College Athletic Association. The value of athletic awards is decided by the Athletics Department after assessing the student-athletes financial capability.

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