About American Sports University

American Sports University differentiates itself by being the pioneer and the only 4-year university in the nation that is committed to the education of future sports leaders and practitioners. Combining concentrations in entrepreneurship, innovation, invention and knowledge in sports, the university prepare students to ably fill the gap of the growing multi-billion dollar sports business. Some of the exclusive programs are Sports Management, Sports Coaching and Sports Multimedia.

Conveniently located in the heart of Downtown San Bernardino, California, the university is a center for passionate sports enthusiasts who view their interest as a career. Local and global contacts and opportunities are built on this campus.

Athletics Department of American Sports University

Congruent to its role as a premiere sports education center, American Sports University, through the Athletics Department, provides top-notch facilities and academic instructions as incentives for the growth of the sports industry. Developing sports fields and courts, golf courses, state-of-the-art training complex, fitness centers and recreational parks are always a top priority of the department and the university. The ASU Fitness Center in particular has cardio and resistance modern equipment, supervised by certified trainers. Recreational and non-varsity students are encouraged to be active through these facilities in addition to the generous support of the school to club sports where students enjoy participating.

Athletic Programs of American Sports University

The main thrust of the athletic programs of American Sports University as envisioned by its athletic director, is to launch additional sports program in addition to existing club teams. Popular sports like baseball, women’s softball, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s golf, men and women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball and men’s volleyball are part of the sports program and club sports includes judo, mix martial arts and tae kwon do. The university also believes that the athletes are mentally and physically prepared to compete in more challenging intercollegiate competitions.

Official Sports Team: American Sports University Eagles

Grand plans to be competitive against NAIA and NCAA schools motivates the American Sports University Eagles to eye the services of experienced and excellent coaches to mentor and train their student-athletes without sacrificing academic future. Already, its club sports, Tae kwon do has won the 2008 Tea Kwon Do National Championships and has produced qualifiers for the Olympics trials. The university is aware that a winning form and sportsmanlike attitude will bring inspiration and joy to the eager fans of the Eagles and they are making a wise selection in their sports tryouts.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at American Sports University

Academics, arts, athletics and recreation find their way equally balanced with the activities of the students at American Sports University. Academic and athletic achievements are appreciated and rewarded with scholarships. Being a sports oriented learning institution, there is a high commitment to set a stage where athletes can compete in the sports they love and continue on with their academic aspirations at the same time. Regardless of skill level, an opportunity to shine as an athlete and a scholar is provided by the university as a way of practicing their belief that mental and physical health are integral components of a healthy lifestyle.

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