About Albion College. Athletic Scholarships.

A private liberal arts college with a rich history, Albion College offers a comprehensive approach in education with practical career preparation. The students have 49 majors, concentrations, and pre-professional programs to choose from, any one of which is a worthy career path. Albion also offers special programs that give students a chance to travel and study at other institutions. Programs are offered in Philadelphia, Chicago, London, Heidelberg, Tokyo, Seoul, Brussels, and Paris, to name a few. 100 different off-campus programs in over 60 countries on six continents are available. Graduates brim with confidence, insight and purpose to pursue a professional path and be a community contributor and live meaningful lives.

Athletics Department of Albion College

In line with fitness and wellness priority of the Athletics Department of Albion college, several events and activities are organized throughout the year to create heightened awareness among the students, faculty and staff on the importance of fitness of body and mind. “Year of Wellness” kicked off in 2011 and is expected be proceeded in years to come. Facilities are also promoted to attract students to workout, The Dow Recreation and Wellness Center and Kresge Gymnasium saw an increase in activity because of the efforts. Other ways of staying fit, student take the initiative to organize recreational and intramural sports.

Athletic Programs of Albion College

Joining prestigious intercollegiate competitions and getting respectable results is the focal activity of the athletic programs of Albion College. The Albion Britons comprises 22 teams, 11 for men and the same number of women. As charter members of the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA), competitors in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and Lacrosse entry in the Midwest Lacrosse Conference, they play their games with utmost pride and sportsmanship because they are aware that they are representing the entire college in those events. Men’s sports team include baseball, tennis, track & field, lacrosse, basketball, swimming & diving, football, soccer, golf, and cross country. Women’s team participate in cross country, golf, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming & diving, softball, tennis, track & field, and lacrosse.

Official Sports Team: Albion College Britons

Proving athletic ability in court and other sports arena and validating academic excellence in the classroom are challenging tasks handled by student athletes of Albion College. Yet they consider becoming an Albion Briton as the best decision of their life. They joined the team out of their love for the sport and the fans and they are enjoying every minute of the experience. They translate this enthusiasm into winning results as recorded in the sports annals of the college. Highlights of their 2013 campaign are the MIAA Football, Baseball and Track & Field, Most Valuable Player, All-Region and All-Academic distinctions, 2 All-Academic Team awards and others. The Albion Britons are particularly proud of winning the NCAA Division III football championship in 1994, and in 2005 both the men’s and women’s basketball teams made it to the Division III playoffs.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Albion College

The Financial Aid Office of Albion College handles the scholarship concerns of the students, which include grants, scholarships, loans and employment opportunities. Albion is keen on the success of its students and extends a helping hand to them whatever their circumstances are. Students with academic merits and need-based ones are encouraged to seek out these aid opportunities. Generous individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations in the public and private sector are relied upon by the college to support their aid program in which it is a contributor also. The criteria for eligibility in the different scholarship programs are determined by these sponsors and should be met by the students in order for them to qualify.

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