Albertus Magnus College. Athletic Scholarships.

Albertus Magnus College, a small private liberal arts college in New Haven, Connecticut, offers an interesting and relevant curriculum that has scholar and humanitarian merits. The college provides sufficient academic internships and practical trainings to prepare students to the working environment of their chosen career. Having a diverse student population at Albertus Magnus, the students learn the value of mutual respect early on in their lives. The students also appreciate a positive interaction not only among themselves but with the faculty also thereby creating an atmosphere of openness and trust. The education and values that the students obtain in college will make leaders out of them and bring moral and economic additions to the community.

Athletics Department of Albertus Magnus College

The value of sports and fitness is emphasized to students by the Athletics Department of Albertus Magnus College through a concerted effort of building sports and fitness facilities that are accessible not only to student-athletes, but to regular student as well; and the promotion of club intramurals that feature friendly and recreational sports and games. Among the sports facilities of the college are Celentano Courts (tennis), Celentano Field (soccer, lacrosse), Cosgrove Marcus Messer Athletic Center (basketball, volleyball), Quigley Stadium (baseball) and West Haven High School (softball), fitness center and swimming pool.

Athletic Programs of Albertus Magnus College

Albertus Magnus College, through its athletic programs, is proud to have formed competitive sports team that will represent the college in prestigious intercollegiate tournaments. For the men, the sports include baseball, basketball, cross country, lacrosse, soccer, tennis and volleyball. The women have teams in basketball, cross country, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball. Albertus Marcus is a National Collegiate Association (NCAA) Division III and Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) member. Although team members are encouraged to excel in academics , they are also determined to find time to diligently follow the sports program including weight training, team practice and scrimmages.

Official Sports Team: Albertus Magnus Falcons

Students show support to the Athletics Department and to the official sports team, Albertus Magnus Falcons by cheering from the sidelines during games. During thrilling games by the Falcons these diehard fans never leave their space until the final buzzer. The sports team appreciates the efforts of fans by giving the best performance possible in each game. Team and individual awards garnered by the Falcon are dedicated to the college and their loyal fans.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Albertus Magnus College

The Financial Aid Office of Albertus Magnus College is always available to help determined students achieve their academic aspirations. This is congruent with their mission to serve the student body, financial knowledge promotion, and to make higher education accessible. The office has a choice of sources, including scholarships, grants, loans and employment programs, to find the most suitable to the each individual student. The student should meet the criteria established by the sponsors of the financial aid like the Sister Maria Patricia Devaney Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, and the Mohun Scholarship and many more. Individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations comprise the generous donors.

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