About Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (ACPHS) is a highly specialized college in the field of pharmacy and health sciences that has a high commitment to contribute to the industry by offering degree programs in its field of expertise. The main campus is located in Albany, New York and the college also has a satellite campus in Colchester, Vermont, which has the distinction of being the only college with a pharmacy program in the state. ACPHS is well known for its Doctor of Pharmacy program aside from numerous bachelor’s and master’s programs in the health sciences. Careers that await the graduates include drug information specialist, biochemist, consumer safety officer, clinical laboratory scientist, physician, physician assistant and research scientist, pharmacist, environmental toxicologist, health policy analyst, and hospital administrator.

Athletics Department of Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

The Athletics Department of Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences offers programs that benefit the student-athletes and the non-athlete students. With strong emphasis on the importance of fitness in the complete well being of the students, Albany supports intramurals and activity clubs that students are involved in. These clubs are recreational and fitness avenues outlets and among them are the Dance Team, Equestrian Club, Golf Club, Hip-Hop Club, Lacrosse Club, Outdoors Club, Ski and Snowboard Club, Tennis Club, and Ultimate Frisbee Club. Intramural sports, aimed at non-varsity looking for a less demanding sports competition, includes basketball, flag football, golf, tennis, volleyball, indoor soccer, lacrosse, skiing/snowboarding. Students with high athletic aspirations can join the college sports teams. As a contribution to the fitness of All ACPHS community members the college provides access to the Fitness Center, which is equipped with an aerobic studio, elliptical trainers, treadmills stationary bikes, and free weights,

Athletic Programs of Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences’ long history of existence includes a rich athletic tradition. Today, this practice continues through Albany’s active participation in intercollegiate sports for men and women in track & field, soccer, basketball and cross country. Student-athletes compete in the Hudson Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (HVIAC) and the United States College Athletic Association (USCAA).

Official Sports Team: Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Panthers

Officially representing the school at intercollegiate events, Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Panthers is composed of student-athletes with high achievements in both athletics and academics. Their passion for the sports shows in the way they play exciting games that legions of their fans enjoy watching. Success in the sports arena is evident when the 2013 United States College Athletic Association national championship was awarded to the ACPHS women’s basketball team. The men’s and women’s soccer teams also won both the Hudson Intercollegiate Athletic Championship, which was held at their home Athletic Fields. Head Coach Christine Kanawada bagged the Coach of the Year honors which she also received in the previous year,

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Many types of financial assistance are available to full-time students of Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACOHS) in the form of scholarships, grants and loans. The college is fortunate to have many corporate, private; foundation and organizational entities to support their scholarship programs which can be classified into: Federal Scholarships and Grants, Federal Loan Programs, New York State Scholarships and Grants, ACPHS Scholarships and Grants, Alumni Association-Based Scholarships and Other Financial Assistance. These merit based or need-based scholarships require students to meet criteria requirements set by the donors and all students of whatever circumstance can find a program best suited to one’s needs.

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