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NCAA division D3 Quick Stats:

Total NCAA division III member schools: 442
19% are public institutions and 81% are private institutions
43 the number of DIII conferences
Average number of Male athletes per college: 230
Average number of Female athletes per college: 160

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What makes division III different from other NCAA divisions?

Division III is the NCAA’s largest athletic division due to having the largest number of member colleges and the greatest number of student-athletes. Division III colleges tend to be more academically driven, with shorter practice times, playing seasons, fewer contests/games and regional competitions.

What makes division III so popular?

Most division III athletes choose their college based first on academics and secondly on athletics. Division III student-athletes have an even greater appreciation for earning their college education.

What will you expect if you attend an NCAA division 3 school?

Students who choose to compete and attend a division III university will understand the emphasis on academics compared to athletics. Most athletes at this level explain that they choose their college due to the prestigious academic facility versus the athletic fields. NCAA division III athletes are working on earning their degree and find it to be a bonus to be able to represent their school in a team sport.

Will you have to register with the Eligibility Center if you play for a division III College?

While division III colleges are still under the larger umbrella of the NCAA; student-athletes wishing to compete at the division III level do not need to register or be cleared through the NCAA eligibility center. Division III athletes don’t need to register with the eligibility center is because athletes at the division III level are not granted athletic scholarships.

What makes you academically qualified to play at a Division III school?

Division III colleges have high academic standards. Athletes who want to compete for these schools must meet the same requirements as the rest of the student-body population for each individual college.

Can Student Athletes at the Division III level still earn scholarships?

Although division III student-athletes are not given athletic funding to play sports, they are allowed to accept financial aid through grants, academic scholarships, and student loans. Working with each individual college’s financial aid department will ensure that you are set up for the most suitable financial aid plan according to your needs.

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