Wrestling has existed for longer than almost any other sport recorded in history. Wrestling’s history can be traced back to cave paintings in France, 15,000 years ago, and literary references as early as Homer’s The Iliad. It was immensely popular with the Greeks, and continued with the Romans as well.

Wrestling survived the journey to America’s shores, as enthusiasts from England carried it with them to the new land. It saw a surge of popularity in the early years of our country, and has thrived through to the present, where it remains increasingly popular, especially on the collegiate level.

For the aspiring wrestling collegiate athlete, there are plenty of things to keep in mind to ensure your success. The first of which may be a wrestling camp, where you can hone the skills your high school coaches have already taught you. These camps, especially ones hosted at the school you’re interested in going to, can accelerate your learning of the sport, and can greatly increase your chances of securing a scholarship to the school of your choice.

The scholarship process at a Junior College differs from the higher levels of NCAA schools. There are less funds to go around, so a positive and proactive attitude is what can help you make sure you are the one who gets that scholarship! Wrestling at the NJCAA level is a Division I sport, the highest possible competitive level for universities. This makes the competition for a scholarship tough, but still within reach.

Part of the scarcity of scholarships and spots for full-rides at the collegiate level stems from the enaction of Title IX and its effects on wrestling. With an emphasis on creating equality in sports, and with the NCAA and NJCAA listing wrestling as a men’s only sport, the resources and spots allowed for wrestling scholarships and wrestling teams in general, has shrunk. Thought Title IX remains an important and landmark judicial ruling for the world of academia, its effects can sometimes have negative consequences.

Some international and national stories and news tidbits regarding collegiate champions at the Olympic level can be found here.

While as competitive and demanding as ever, college recruiting for wrestling depends greatly upon the athlete themselves taking the steps to be seen by their college of choice. With the benefit of attending camps and keeping the scholarship process for Junior Colleges in mind, the prospective student athlete will head to NCAA-Initial Clearinghouse process with confidence, knowing he has taken all the steps possible to ensure a bright and successful future.

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