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Intercollegiate tennis is a competitive industry and prospective professional players need to begin training early to ensure they reach the high ranks in their tennis careers. Of the 360,000 student athletes in colleges today only a select few will receive full athletic scholarships to college.

Roger Federer is one tennis athlete who succeeded through hard work and good athletic training. In July of 2005, he became the third player in history, in addition to Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg, to  win three consecutive Wimbledon championships. That kind of success requires dedication to do what it takes to become a top tennis star.

If you are serious about your tennis career the ideal place to hone your skills and be seen by college scouts is in a tennis camp. Colleges conduct comprehensive camps for boys and girls of all age groups to strengthen their abilities as players, frequently offer technologically-enhanced skill analysis.

In order to receive tennis scholarships you need to market yourself to recruiters. College Sports Scholarships provides a network of industry savvy professionals who can guide you to success. Whether you want a woman’s full-ride scholarship or a men’s class inclusive scholarship, we provide the specific direction you need to be in a better position to receive one.

Check out the success possible on smaller college campuses. The Johnson Community College Tennis Team has two members, freshmen Diana Goldsmith and Renae Wright, competing in the ITA National Small College Championships, Oct. 14-17 in Fort Myers, Fla. The ITA National Small College Championships, presented by the United States Tennis Association, each year  crowns men’s and women’s singles and doubles national champions in each of the ITA’s four small college divisions. Learn how you can participate in these championships with the help of College Sports Scholarships.

Become a part of the history of tennis! The Wimbledon Championship  began in 1877 and has advanced the careers of the world’s best tennis players. The first champion was William Renshaw who went on to win the championship 8 times – a record that has yet to be broken. Learn how championship tennis began and became the most sought-after prize in the sport of tennis.

The game of tennis evolved from a ball game in ancient times to a time when the game of tennis became known as the sport of kings. Once accepted by royalty, tennis rapidly spread from England and France to throughout the world. Since then becoming proficient at this beloved sport has been the goal of commoner and royalty alike.

The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) offers a large number of tennis teams — 88 women’s teams and 84 men’s teams.  Competition for NCAA and NAIA colleges is now world-wide and tough. A better option to try to become noticed by their recruiters is via the junior college circuit. Junior College Tennis Scholarships are readily available and offer you the training and recognition you need to gain recognition by national recruiters.  Let College Sports Scholarships show you the path to success in the tennis world.

To find out more interesting information about the origins and facts about tennis visit this link. Learn the mystery of its origins and what historians believe to be true about the wonderful, exciting game of tennis.

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