Criminal justice scholarships are a key in keeping us safe and one of the key components in enforcing the rule of law, which often separates first world countries from the rest of the world. And there are lots of criminal justice scholarships out there.

As the crime rate continues to go up there has never been a greater need for criminal justice scholarships.
Thankfully most of us are not the victims of crime very often. But we are all very much aware of the duties and responsibilities of the criminal justice system. It’s an interesting and exciting world and because of that we get a heavy dose of it in our movies and television every day.

Criminal justice is one of the fastest-growing career fields. There are currently 860,000 people employed by the criminal justice system and that number is expected to grow by about ten percent over the next several years.

Why is this area growing so quickly, leading to a higher demand for criminal justice scholarships. For one thing, society is more security conscious than it has ever been. The threat of terrorism is causing more resources to be allocated toward security than ever before.

Crimes like identity fraud are exploding and convictions on drug-related offenses continue to go up. The criminal justice system continues to step up to the plate to meet this increase in demand.

Television and movies have made crime scene investigation seem like one of the coolest things on the planet. The fact is that it probably isn’t quite so cool in real life, but more and more people want to go into the field. And it’s a good thing because there is a need in this growing field as forensic science grows increasingly important in the investigation of crimes.

Many of the available criminal justice scholarships are in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects. With a shortage of qualified applicants in these areas, there is a lot of competition, particularly in the sciences and technology.

Perhaps the best and most reliable area to find criminal justice scholarships is directly through the schools themselves. Most offer memorial scholarships named after distinguished alumni or professors.

Of course, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is an option here as well. All high school seniors should fill out this form to see what type of financial aid you can qualify for through the federal government. If your family makes less than $40,000 annually you will usually qualify for at least a Pell Grant, which can be worth up to $5,800.

The number of adults in prison is increasing at a greater rate than any other crime. More crimes are being reported to police than ever before. As a result of all this, spending on police and corrections officers is going up.

The end result will be that there will be more money for criminal justice scholarships.

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