College Gymnastics Scholarships

NCAA college gymnastics is a highly competitive sport at the NCAA D1, D2, and D3 levels. To become a college gymnast on a gymnastics scholarship you will have to be more than just a great athlete. The combination of great talent and strong grades are what coaches are looking for. Gymnastics is always one of the highest ranked sports in terms of team GPA’s in the NCAA. College gymnastics coaches are looking to recruit athletes that excel both in their sport and also in the classroom.

Athletically, if you want a gymnastics scholarship it is important to be a level 9 or level 10 athlete by your senior year. If you’re below level 9 your best options may be walk-on opportunities. Training hard and getting good results at your local, state, regional and national levels are what coaches are looking to see in your gymnastics resume. Athletes who gain exposure and get their name out there to college gymnastics coaches have the best chance of being recruited.

The biggest mistake that high school gymnasts make is relying too heavily on their personal coach to get them recruited. Yes, your coach may have 3-4 personal contacts, but does your coach know every coach in the country? It is ALWAYS best to take advantage of your coach’s contacts and also have your resume sent out to other college coaches as well. By doing this you will maximize your exposure and scholarship opportunities.

Another great way to be recruited is to let coaches know that you are also interested in attending their camp and meeting the team. This shows the coach that you are really serious about their school and you are willing to showcase your talent at their camp. By doing this you have a lot higher chance of being invited for a recruiting trip and ultimately a scholarship offer.

If you have the skills, grades and are proactive about contacting coaches you will give yourself the best chance of being recruited!

Total Women’s Gymnastics Programs

NCAA D1 – 62 (12 scholarships awarded per team)
NCAA D2 – 7 (6 scholarships awarded per team)
NCAA D3 – 13

Total Men’s Gymnastics Programs

NCAA D1 – 16 (6.3 scholarships awarded per team)

Please note that D1 women’s gymnastics is a head count sport meaning that coaches must award full scholarships. NCAA D2 and men’s D1 are considered equivalency sports meaning that coaches can split up the scholarships into partials if they like.

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