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[NOTE: and NCSA are part of a team of business partners working together to help student-athletes discover their best path to college]

Is NCSA worth the cost? The answer is YES…., (CSS). Parents and athletes have asked on many occasions to evaluate and review the recruiting services provided college recruiting services like NCSA. We have spoken with NCSA recruiting staff and also parents and athletes. Reviews of recruiting services always need to be taken in context. Most of the time, the only reviews you will see published online are from parents and athletes who did not get the result they wanted. Parents sometimes have unrealistic expectations for their child and credit their child with more athletic ability than they actually have, which leads to a poor reviews of recruiting services like NCSA.

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As a subsidiary of Endeavor’s IMG Academy, NCSA is part one of the world’s largest and most advanced multi-sport training and educational institutions. Together, NCSA and IMG Academy work to empower every student-athletes on their path-to-college. Next College Student Athlete offers many different college recruiting packages for the prospective college student-athlete. The basic package starts with a free online sports and academic profile. From there you can add game highlight video’s and one-on-one access to a recruiting scout. Most of their scouts are former top college athletes. If you go down this track then the cost increases but your opportunities to get recruited also increase. If you’re not a blue-chip/elite high school athlete, then you need to give yourself an advantage, college coaches cannot recruit you if they don’t know who you are. The NCSA gets your profile into the hands of the people that count. The Coaches. The NCSA costs for different college recruiting packages can be found here.

NCSA is one of the top sports recruiting services, if not the best. You don’t get to be number one if you’re not producing results for your clients. NCSA does produce results, however there is always someone who is not happy. Read here parents who have expectations for their child that are simply not realistic. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other organizations that handle consumer complaints have found that they are nearly always from parents and athletes who did not get the result they expected. NCSA reviews.

All athletes are afforded a NCSA review and evaluation and subsequently are provided with evaluation of an athlete’s potential. Parents then need to decide if the service offered by NCSA or any college recruiting company for that matter is worth the money spent.

YES, it can be expensive but you have to balance the cost against your child’s future, not just their athletic future but their career prospects after college. The resources offered by NCSA are excellent.

Not every high school athlete is going to get recruited. You, as a parent, need to have realistic expectations. Click here for a great article about the reality of getting recruited from high school. NCSA cannot guarantee a scholarship for your child but will do everything they can to make that dream possible. If they were not getting results, they would be out of business…

There are many cheaper options out there but you need to remember that NCSA allows you to pick and choose from their recruiting packages: from free for publishing online profiles up to a few thousand dollars. At the end of the day if your student/athlete is awarded a scholarship and gets to study at the University of his or her choice then the small investment is worth every cent.

We hope that this NCSA review has been useful and wish you all the best for the future.


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