7 Things Parents Need to Know About College Sports Recruitment

Understand Your Child’s Skill Level As a parent who is raising a successful high school student-athlete you have probably been thinking of ways to get your child noticed by college coaches. Encouraging your child is great, but knowing and understanding their skill level is most important when helping them find the right college and division […]

Why A Parent Should Help You Pick A Travel Team

A Daunting Process Parents need to take the time to research the team, the benefits, and the competitive level of their child’s travel team. Again, it may take some time, but in the end the investment will be well worth it. What Does the Team Have to Offer? Experienced travel teams should have websites where […]

15 Questions That Will Help You Choose The Right Travel Team

WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW  Choosing the right club, select, or travel team is an important aspect of a young athlete’s career. Finding the perfect team will benefit your child in developing his sports skill and increase his confidence. Eventually, it may provide an opportunity to play in front of college coaches. DECIDING FACTORS Perhaps […]

Why Contacting The Coach Before You Attend His Camp Is So Important

Stand Up and Be Noticed Many athletes and their families make the mistake of going to showcases and combines knowing that there will be college scouts there and thinking they will simply get noticed if they play well. Sometimes this happens but more often than not the athlete gets overlooked. Get on the List Showcases […]

The Stress of College Athletes vs. Other Students (Infographic)

The Stress of College Athletes vs. Other Students is an infographic that highlights the special challenges college student-athletes face. What is the top concern for college athletes?  It’s time-management.  This is an important fact for high school student-athletes and their parents to understand.  It’s never too early to help your kids learn good study habits […]

What Every Parent Should Know About Sports Training

Begin the Process Early If your child is serious about playing college sports then he should begin the recruiting process during the early years of high school. Putting off sports recruiting until the last year of high school is not unheard of, but it may be frustrating for the athlete to build relationships with college […]

Why You Should Not Rely on Your High School Coach to Get You Recruited

Will My Coach Get me Recruited? So it’s December of your senior year, you’ve had a great season, put up fantastic numbers, and the phone still isn’t ringing. Why? I’ve seen this story play out many times in my role as a college recruiting expert. During these conversations the student-athlete or his parent informs me […]

Dumb Social Media Moves That Could Cost You A College Scholarship

Social Media and Recruiting If you can Google and research the college teams that interest you, they can Google you too! Don’t make the mistake of thinking they will only look at your athletic skills–they are just as interested in your character as your 40-yard-dash time. One of the easiest ways for a college coach […]

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