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The Winter of Our Letter of Intent

First Monday in October? The Supreme Court reconvenes. Fourth Thursday in November? Thanksgiving. First Wednesday in February? National Signing Day, which for many Americans is a more circle-worthy date on the calendar than the other two. Nobody loses a game on Signing Day. Everybody gains anywhere from one to two dozen (and, if Houston Nutt […]

Freeze Tag

You saw “The Blind Side.” I saw “The Blind Side.” We probably arrived at the same conclusion: Hugh Freeze is not as savvy a recruiter as is Leigh Anne Tuohy. You will recall that Freeze, 43, was Michael Oher’s football coach at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis, Tenn., but that it was Oher’s legal guardian-cum-adoptive […]

The NCAA Up In Smoke

Would you mind if I took this moment to compare Johnny Manziel to a joint, a spliff, or even a dime bag of marijuana? And would you stay with me as I attempt to explain that this is not a derogatory comparison, to relate the charismatic Heisman Trophy winner to a (currently) illegal substance? Cannabis, […]

The First Three Questions D1 College Coaches Ask Recruits

One of the biggest stressors for recruits may not be performing in games in front of college coaches, but rather, the questions college coaches may ask them.  Most recruits have experienced few job interviews at this age.  Thus, they oftentimes lack the experience necessary to fully and adequately answer a coach’s questions in a way […]

Mr. Williams Goes to South Bend, Or Does He?

Now, on to the quandary presented by Monroe (Ga.) George Walton Academy running back Stanley Williams, a high school junior, whose story poses the age-old question, Just how many official non-visits is a recruit allowed to take? For the uninformed, an official non-visit is exactly like an official visit with the minor exception that it […]

Of Sills and Silliness

Do you remember David Sills? On February 5, 2010, Sills made a verbal commitment to attend the University of Southern California and to play football for coach Lane Kiffin. Sills’ pledge gained national attention for one reason: he was a 13 year-old seventh-grader at the time. The recently concluded NCAA Convention in Grapevine, Texas, will […]

Advice from a College Coach on Summer Basketball Tournaments

When it comes to being recruited for college basketball, the time in which a coach can watch a prospective recruit play in-person is limited.  The NCAA calendars for basketball recruiting for Divisions I through III only include a handful of days for evaluation periods.  During evaluation periods, coaches can watch prospective recruits engage in basketball […]

Where Does The Manti Story Go From Here?

In the immediate aftermath of Deadspin’s revelation on Wednesday that Manti Te’o’s girlfriend never existed, the response went from shock and disbelief to, almost instantly, Schecky Green. The jokes piled up on Twitter faster than you could type “Lennay Kekua”. Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal: “Read the piece. Let me get this straight. Notre Dame football was […]

Only He Knows, Or Does He?

Robert Nkemdiche is the most coveted prospect in the nation, but no one knows where he will end up For the nation’s most-coveted football recruit, the question of where to matriculate may come down to whether blood is thicker than BCS bowl berths. Will Robert Nkemdiche sign a National Letter of Intent with Mississippi, which […]

What Unlimited Phone Calls and Texts Mean for Recruits

On January 19, the NCAA Division I Board of Directors is set to vote on 26 pieces of legislation, some of which will have a direct impact on recruiting.  If passed, Proposal 13-3 will directly impact how coaches communicate with recruits.  Proposal 13-3 seeks to allow school officials and coaches to make unlimited phone calls […]

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