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Spare Change: How to Get a Bowling Scholarship in College

Bowling, that time-honored bad-weather and/or birthday party activity for kids, might also be an outstanding way to put yourself through college. That is, if you are a female. Collegiate bowling is currently in the midst of its tenth season as an NCAA-sanctioned sport for women only, and what a lengthy season it is. “It’s the […]

College Football. National Signing Day.

College Football Recruiting, National signing Day. National Signing Day, which is college football’s equivalent to mass ceremonies being held at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, is still 22 days away. And yet on campuses all across the United States, many future All-Americans or at least future starters have already enrolled or will do so […]

Time to End Summer Basketball Certification

The NCAA’s rules on outside competition are old enough that it is hard to go back and find their origin. The current version of Bylaw 14.7.1, which bans outside competition by student-athletes subject to the exceptions in the rest of the bylaw, was adopted in 1991, and revised three times since then. The last revision, […]

Is Julie Hermann The Right Candidate To Restore Integrity At Rutgers

It has been a tough spring for Rutgers University and its athletics department.  Less than two months after parting ways with former men’s basketball coach, Mike Rice, and athletics director, Tim Pernetti, amid allegations that Rice verbally and physically abused Rutgers basketball players and Pernetti did not fire him upon learning of the allegations, Rutgers […]

NCAA Seeks to Reverse Initial Eligibility Standards for Division II

According to the NCAA, since 1986, Division II institutions have utilized an initial academic eligibility rule under which, incoming Division II student-athletes must have at least an 820 SAT score and 2.0 GPA to be considered a “qualifier.”  This standard is notable, because it contradicts with the eligibility standard for Division I.  Since 1992, Division […]

How to Spot an Impossible Coach

In the wake of the Rutgers men’s basketball scandal and allegations facing the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay’s head basketball coach, prospective student-athletes may wonder how they can be assured that the college coach they choose to play for will treat them with respect.  Given the limited amount of time a recruit can spend […]

The Great Manipulator

If you read enough war memoirs, or if you have seen “Saving Private Ryan” or “Platoon” (and you have), then you know that soldiers on the front lines do not fight for their country. They fight for one another. They fight to survive. The University of Connecticut won the women’s national basketball championship on Tuesday […]

Larry Scott, Ed Rush and Their Pac of Problems

I’ve got bad news for Ed Rush: What happens in Vegas does not necessarily stay in Vegas. The Ed Rush story is more than 14 hours old as I type this sentence and the Pac-12 Director of Officiating still has a job. If he still holds that position 14 hours from now, I will be […]

Optimizing the Money Spent to Get to the Final Four

An exciting NCAA men’s basketball season is quickly coming to a close.  This past weekend, the Final Four was set, as Louisville, Michigan, Syracuse and Wichita State all won games to punch their ticket to Atlanta.  A look at these team’s finances provides an interesting glimpse at how probable or improbable each respective team’s journey […]

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