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Why Does Mark Emmert Get the Blame?

Why Does Mark Emmert Get the Blame? The public reaction to NCAA screw-ups, scandals, and unpopular rulings since Mark Emmert has taken over as president almost universally seems to be to blame Mark Emmert personally. Here is an illustrative example from SB Nation: Mark Emmert wants the privilege of making the law. That means someone […]

Why Syracuse and Not North Carolina

It was certainly surprising to learn that Syracuse men’s basketball player James Southerland was suspended because of an NCAA investigation into possible academic fraud. Mike Waters of the Post-Standard is reporting that Southerland was suspended because of questions surrounding a term paper and whether or not a tutor wrote a portion of it. If this […]

Which Pac–12 School Should Start a Men’s Soccer Team?

The announcement that the WAC is sponsoring men’s soccer starting in 2013–14 would not seem to have a big impact on the Pac–12. “Wake me when the Big 12 expands or Texas comes around to our way of thinking” might be the prevailing attitude. But the move could have a big impact for Pac–12 soccer […]

Long Term Impact of Tom Corbett Suit On NCAA Is Limited

Another day, another lawsuit against the NCAA. If you go back to the landmark decision in NCAA v. Board of Regents, I think you would find that since that day, little time has passed that the NCAA was not defending itself against an antitrust suit. And for good reason. The NCAA lacks any sort of […]

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