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The Many Answers to How Much Do College Athletes Get

One of the hardest starting points in the debate over whether college athletes get enough is agreeing on what they get right now. There is not even widespread agreement on whether college athletics results in athletes getting a net positive or costing them money. Depending on how you look at it, the value of what […]

Admissions and Financial Aid Changes Could Rock College Sports

Proclaiming the growing disconnect between college sports and universities themselves is a popular pastime these days. Coaching salaries, facilities, per-student spending, reform efforts, and treatment of athletes all provide examples of how athletics are fundamentally different than the rest of the college to which they are attached. But outside of all but the most radical […]

Syracuse Case Shows Path for Enforcement Reform

The news that Syracuse’s men’s basketball team is under NCAA investigation is not that surprising. The Orange has perfected the art of the “March Surprise”, with news of some misfortune or scandal dropping days or even hours before the NCAA tournament starts the last two years. And there had been some smoke around the Syracuse […]

Major Proposal Slips Under the Radar

Attention in the deregulation fight within the NCAA has been focused on recruiting rules. And rightly so. Recruiting is the lifeblood of a program and a necessary evil in the minds of most coaches. They would rather be doing other things, but they have to recruit. So any change that might require them to recruit […]

Preparing for Unlimited Phone Calls

It has become clear that at least in football, coaches are not ready for unlimited phone calls and text messages. They either foresee a world where they have to call recruits 24/7 or a world where they are hiring staff members left and right to call recruits 24/7. And for coaches who were following the […]

Salvaging Football Recruiting Deregulation

At this point, it appears the NCAA’s first grand attempt at deregulation, which should have been primed for success, will be a mixed bag at best. Three of the centerpieces have received significant opposition, and less controversial proposals have also taken hits possibly just for being nearby. At this point, it looks all but certain […]

Why Gambling Will End College Sports

College sports are screwed. They have been on borrowed time for a quite a while now. In fact, it is probably something a miracle that the entire enterprise, not just the NCAA, amateurism, or academic standards still survives, much less thrives, in the form it does now. There is a ticking time bomb that fights […]

Collaterall Damage

Charles Pierce is correct that the O’Bannon licensing case is a missile aimed at the NCAA. The groups surrounding the plaintiffs have admitted as much. This is litigation is as much about destroying the NCAA and ending amateurism in college athletics as it is about achieving an equitable award for damages. But buried in Pierce’s […]

NCAA Considering Changes to New Initial Eligibility Standards

At its January meeting, the NCAA Board of Directors discussed alternatives to the new initial eligibility standards coming in 2016. The Committee on Academic Performance discussed eight options, but eventually forwarded three to the Board of Directors for more discussion. One alternative do not change the end results of the changes, but may change how […]

Worries About Unlimited Recruiting Contact Are Overblown

For years, we heard about how unbelievable it was that the NCAA would try to police phone calls and text messages. Coaches got in trouble for accidentally replying to texts or butt-dialing prospects. Coaches complained (anonymously) about how they did not want to cheat, but their competitors were not following the limits. And everyone just […]

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