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Meet the New Division I, Same as the Old Division I

Warren Zola’s ideas for some of the rules in a theoretical new top level of college athletics sound nice. They touch on a lot of the buzzwords and pain points that have become prominent over the last few years. And increased financial aid, in the form of stipends or full cost-of-attendance scholarships, is the driving […]

Picking the Right Thing to Be Mad At with the NCAA

On the face of it, Donte Hill’s waiver case looks to be a harsh decision. Hill played one season at Clemson before transferring midyear to Old Dominion the following year. But before that transfer, he played eight minutes in a closed scrimmage, which for everyone but incoming freshmen counts as a season of eligibility. Hill […]

Law and Order: NCAA

Julie Roe Lach’s first public statement, an article for Yahoo! Sports that reads like an open letter, does not sound like the words of how Roe Lach has been portrayed following the Miami investigation scandal. The article is surprisingly positive about the direction of the enforcement program, and has none of the hallmarks of someone […]

The NCAA is Implementing the Student Athlete Stipend by Stealth

When King James VI of Scotland ascended to the English throne in 1603, he united the crowns of England and Scotland. James then attempted to unite the actual countries into Great Britain, but the English parliament thwarted his attempt. James then decided to go around parliament in areas he had total control: Having failed to […]

Where Do Transfer Regulations Go From Here?

Back in January, when the Leadership Council was looking at major changes to the transfer model, there was a clear idea where permission to contact might go. By expanding the pool of athletes who would be eligible to play immediately, tying permission to contact to competition rather than financial aid made sense. Athletes would still […]

It Takes a Village To Cut a Scholarship

The story of how Jared Drew is leaving the Saint Louis men’s basketball team will be spun as one of the improper leverage and power of coaches. That is the angle Eamonn Brennan took, mentioning Mike Krzyzewski’s almost $10 million in compensation from 2011 compared to Drew’s one-year renewable scholarship. Coach K obviously had nothing […]

Fixing the NCAA’s Approach to Non-Athletics Aid

Anyone with even the slightest interest in college athletics knows that the NCAA limits the amount of athletically related financial aid that can be awarded to both individual athletes as well as collectively to a team. An athlete’s athletic scholarship may only cover the costs that make up a full grant-in-aid, i.e. tuition, mandatory fees, […]

NCAA’s Role in Baseball Development

Jim Hendry, former general manager of the Chicago Cubs, faults the NCAA for the dearth of American baseball talent: But Hendry said the NCAA only allots 11.7 college scholarships per 27 players, a number that is dwarfed by football in particular. A college used to be able to get up to 30 scholarships, he said. […]

Is Reclassification Unfair to Student-Athletes?

Generally when a program reclassifies to another division or joins the NCAA from another association, it is a happy day for the university. With rare exceptions, these are moves up. Even the last few years of realignment brought more schools up despite the threat of superconferences leaving everyone behind. Moves by the biggest conferences trickled […]

Has Baseball’s Graduation Gap Already Been Solved?

The College Sports Research Institute at the University of North Carolina released their most recent review of graduation rate data for student-athletes. This round included a surprising data point, especially given the common perception that academic problems are concentrated in football and men’s basketball: Division I baseball players are 17.9 percentage points less likely to […]

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