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If I Get Injured What Will Happen With College Recruiting?


Dealing with Injuries It’s a question every athlete has on his mind, a scenario that ignites fear deep within parents. Hollywood has even created characters to live out this “situation”, perhaps shedding a “real” light on what just might happen. “If I get injured what will happen with college recruiting?” This is a legitimate question […]

The Big Question: How Do I Contact College Coaches?


Don’t Be Late Of all the recruiting questions we receive, the most common deal with contacting college coaches. This is a major dilemma for senior high school athletes, many of whom come to realize this too late in the recruiting process. You Can Initiate Contact with a Coach Many athletes already in their senior year […]

NCAA Academic Requirements Infographic


Will You Be Eligible? Talk about one-stop shopping. Our latest and–dare we say–greatest infographic outlines the NCAA Academic Requirements. Who needs to visit the NCAA Eligibility Center when this infographic can help you understand virtually all NCAA Clearinghouse issues? Let’s Review If you’ve made it this far you are no doubt an expert on all NCAA […]

Quick Tips For Getting Started In Your Recruiting Process


You Have to Start Somewhere Thinking about playing sports in college? If you love playing and think you have what it takes to play at the college level then here are quick tips for getting started in your recruiting process. Know the Level of Competition That is the Best Fit The NCAA is the organization […]

Why College Football Coaches Love To Recruit Basketball Players


What We Know One thing we know as recruiting experts is that college coaches love athletes who play more than one sport. And if you’re a football player who plays basketball all the better. But why is this? Surely there are some coaches who want their athletes to dedicate themselves to their sport year round. […]

Pay Attention To NCAA Rules And Regulations Or Suffer The Consequences


NCAA Rules and Regulations High school student-athletes planning to enter an NCAA college or university must be aware of NCAA recruiting rules. The NCAA is divided into three separate divisions, and each division has its own set of eligibility rules. Once high school student-athletes are clear on what division they want to compete in, reading […]

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