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Emailing College Coaches

Must-Know College Recruiting Strategies: Contacting Coaches


The recruiting process is constantly changing. The methods and rules are forever evolving, which makes it difficult to keep up with what you can and can’t do. It is important for high school athletes who are looking to get recruited to play college sports to stay on top of important information that can affect their ability […]


College Recruiting Mistakes #6: Letters & Phone Calls From Coaches


Despite all of Timmy’s mistakes, his pure athleticism has kept him in the recruiting game. Other recruits Timmy knows who have followed a relatively similar path have fallen by the wayside. At this point letters from all over the country have started to show up. Some are similar to the letter’s Timmy was receiving before while […]

Preparing Academically and Athletically for College

Start Preparing for College Now


Knowing you want to play sports in college is one thing, being able to maintain and juggle sports and college is going to be something completely new to incoming student-athletes. It’s often one of the last things considered by incoming freshman, but is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy college life. […]

Competing Against International Athletes

Get Recruited in the World’s Most Popular Sport


Why Soccer Recruiting is Tough Work Here in the U.S., sports like football, basketball, and baseball seem to dominate our society’s favorite hobbies. These sports are very popular at all levels, from elementary school recreation leagues to college teams and the pros. Sports are a huge part of our culture and millions of fans identify […]

college recruiting mistakes showcases

College Recruiting Mistakes #5: The Showcase


Timmy’s second sent out wasn’t much more successful than his first; coaches just didn’t seem to respond to the information Timmy’s mom sent out on Timmy’s behalf. By this point Timmy’s junior season has come to an end and Timmy still has never had a quality conversation with a college coach. After the debacle Timmy […]

Introduce Yourself to College Coaches

The Easiest Way To Speak With College Coaches


The most important part of the recruiting process can be summed up into one essential item; getting in contact and building relationships with college coaches. Many recruits come to us asking how to get recruited and begin to explain that they have had no college coaches or college scouts contact them or attend any of […]

Understanding NCAA or NAIA Eligibility

Read This Before You Register with the Eligibility Center


Do more in your recruiting Many high school athletes are under the impression that registering with the NCAA or NAIA eligibility center early will get them recruited to play college sports. Unfortunately, this is not the case. High school athletes will need to put in a lot more effort in getting recruited besides meeting initial […]

discussing scholarships with coaches

How to Discuss Athletic Scholarships With Coaches


High school athletes in the recruiting process understand all the work that goes into it. Not only are you working hard to perform your best on the field and in school, but you also need to stay organized as you search for the college program that is right for you. Between emails, letters, and phone […]

common college recruiting mistakes

College Recruiting Mistakes #4: Contacting Coaches


Picking up from last week, Timmy is mid junior year and loving football . He knew it was his time to shine and he isn’t disappointing his coaches or the crowds that seem to continue to grow each week. What was frustrating Timmy and his family was the lack of college coach attention he was […]

Stay With The Recruiting Process

How to be Better at Recruiting Than Your Competition


It’s one thing to say you have what it takes to get recruited, but another to be willing to make your recruiting happen for you. Many potential high school recruits contact us looking for direction; they have multiple questions about how to get recruited and are extremely enthusiastic about getting started, but soon enough they […]

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