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Deal With Injuries

3 Tips for Injured Athletes in the Recruiting Process


Being a student-athlete is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication, organization, physical and mental strength. Athletes identify themselves with this passion for their sport and how they perform. Their lives revolve around their sport and for many, their happiness rests in their ability to play. So what happens when an athlete gets injured? […]

Women Playing College Football

Women Can Play College Football Too?


We recently had an athlete phone in with an interesting question: why can’t girls earn football scholarships? The truth is female football players can earn a scholarship to play in college. However, it is rare. You won’t find many female football athletes at the college level. While there has been a rise in female participation […]

College Recruiting Story Mistakes

College Recruiting Mistakes #1: NCAA Core Courses


Sometimes the best way to learn about mistakes you could be making in your own recruiting is by realizing the mistakes of others. I know from personal experience I learned more from my time as a recruit than I ever will from reading a book or blog, listening to stories or speeches, etc. It takes […]

NAIA College Recruiting Opportunities

Your NAIA Scholarship Options


Not many high school student-athletes are aware of the athletic scholarship opportunities at NAIA colleges. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics has been assisting student-athletes since 1937 and serves close to 300 colleges and universities throughout the country. NAIA, like the more notable NCAA, focuses on the tradition that student-athletes are first a student studying […]

Questions About Choosing a College

4 Critical Questions to Answer Before Choosing a College


Deciding where you go to college is one of the biggest choices you will make in your life. College is where you will spend the next few years studying, experiencing new things, and growing as a person. That is why it is very important not to take this decision lightly. There are dozens of reasons […]

Contacting College Coaches

What a College Coach Needs to Know About You


We all know that the secret of recruiting is being proactive and letting the coaches know about yourself….but when you are making that initial contact what should you tell them? Think about it like a job interview, you are applying for a “job” on their team. You have to be clear with your talents, the […]


3 Reasons To Attend College Rowing Camps


Collegiate rowing was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. As a freshman at UC Davis, I walked onto the novice team after completing the rigorous week of tryouts. The unique thing about rowing in college is that you don’t actually need any experience to join the team; you won’t see […]

Parents Doing Recruiting Work For Athletes

How Some Parents Cost Their Athletes Scholarships


Contacting Us Is Encouraged This past week I fielded a phone call from a concerned parent trying to become educated on the recruiting process. More importantly he was looking for exactly how he can help his son have the best opportunity possible to earn a college scholarship. These types of calls excite me and my […]

NCAA Core Courses

Key to Recruiting: Understanding the NCAA Core Course


It’s important to know what you are getting yourself into before jumping head first into something as big and at times complicated as the recruiting process. That is why we are here, to help guide the way. One of the most frequent questions we ask potential recruits is “what division level do you think you […]

Too Late to Get Recruited

Is It Too Late to Be Recruited by a College Coach?


Depending on your sport, you may not be too late. Football’s signing date closed on April 1st and basketball’s NLI signing period is finished May 16. If you play any other sport, you have until August 1st to commit to a school. Once again, it is not impossible to get recruited, but with most rosters […]

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