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recruiting stone unturned

Don’t Settle In Recruiting: You May Have More Options Than You Think


Explore All of Your Options When looking at potential schools you are interested in make sure that you are exploring all of your options. Most student-athletes only look at schools that are geographically close to them or their extended families. Others will only look at big name schools they have heard of or have followed […]

Be Patient

One Thing They Don’t Tell You About Recruiting: Be Patient


Patience is a Virtue There are lots of things that can derail a season–transfer, injury, burn-out. For the college-bound athlete trying to earn an athletic scholarship, this can be a time to learn patience. The Tim Williams Story Tim Williams is a great example. After recording 22 sacks his freshman season at his Louisiana high […]

Balance College Sports Academics

You’re Probably Going Pro In Something Other Than Sports


The Hard Truth As a potential college recruit embarking on your initial college search you have many items to think about. Initially, none are more important than which schools will allow you to excel educationally. It’s likely we’ve all seen or heard the NCAA commercial stating, “There are over 400,000 NCAA student-athletes and just about […]

Need To Know College Recruiting

A Quick Recruiting Overview For The College-Bound Athlete


Get Familiar With Recruiting Terms Let’s start with the NCAA Clearinghouse or what is currently known as NCAA Eligibility Center. The Eligibility Center is how the NCAA DI and DII colleges determine if student-athletes are academically prepared and athletically eligible to play at those levels. Most student-athletes do not hear the term “eligibility center” until […]

Coach Recruiting Tips

Recruiting Tricks You Can Learn From A Coach Who Understands Recruiting


Football Scholarships for Everybody Is it really possible for one school to have 19 high school students receive football scholarships in one season? It is and it happened this year at Friendship Collegiate Academy in Washington D.C. How is this even possible? While we advise against relying on your high school coach to get you […]

College Recruiting Summer Time

Why Summer Is A Great Time To Plan And Build Momentum In Your Recruiting


A Time to Build On Recruiting Summer is coming–time to plan for summer jobs, vacations, and lay out your recruiting plan. Depending on what grade you are entering you will need to have different summer plans of attack for your recruiting. Entering Freshman You are about to enter a world completely different and foreign to […]

International Athletes Play College Sports US

How International Athletes Are Changing The Face Of College Sports


International Invasion in College Sports Over the past decade the number of international athletes playing college sports in the United States has tripled to well over 11,000. In many sports, most notably tennis and soccer, international players can swing the balance of power and even change the way the game is played. One of the […]

College Walk On

Never Rule Out Becoming A Walk-On


Have You thought About Walking on? Click here to learn how to become a walk-on. Did you know that it’s more likely you won’t play in college than you will? If you do, did you know that colleges have far more positions available on a squad than they have scholarships for each year? Did you […]

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