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Understand NCAA Rules

Why High School Athletes Need To Understand NCAA Eligibility Rules


Make a Plan But Stay Flexible For most top high school athletes their aim is to compete at the NCAA Division I level. Top players aim high, as they should if they have the skills and the drive to continue playing at top levels. Student-athletes who choose the college route might have dreams of making […]

Athletic Scholarships

The Ins and Outs of College Scholarships (Infographic)


The Numbers Game We came across this great infographic and had to share it with you, our loyal fan base! It’s no secret that scholarships are hard to understand, which is why this particular graphic is so appealing. The authors took what many consider to be a completely confusing and foreign subject and broke it […]

parents role in recruiting

Top 3 Things Parents Need To Do To Prepare For Recruiting


Great Expectations Help your child be prepared for their recruitment process. Recruiting should start around the student-athlete’s freshman year. If your child is serious about participating in college sports, then they’ll need to know what to expect for the next few years of high school. This will help them get ahead in the recruiting process. […]

College Financial Aid

Two Things You Must Know About College Financial Aid


The Best Fit Doing all the work to get recruited is one thing, and then when your child is actually offered college scholarship opportunities, your family will be faced with a completely new recruiting dilemma: Which college is the best fit? Weighing the Costs Factors that come into play when determining the best college for […]

contact college coaches

How to find the contact information for college coaches


  Getting Contact Information In this video we show the process and some of the necessary steps you can use when trying to locate the contact information for college coaches around the country. It’s important to understand that for some colleges this contact information is more readily available than for others. There is the possibility that you […]

myths college sports

Myths About College Sports (Infographic)


We discovered this Myths About College Sports infographic over at and thought it was worth sharing with our audience. This infographic explores some of the common misconceptions the general public has about college athletics. For instance, most fans assume that college sports programs are making money hand over fist, but it’s just not true. […]

college coaches won't just find you

Why You Shouldn’t Believe You’re So Good College Coaches Will Just Find You


An Athlete Reality Check Athletes are an interesting breed, wired slightly different than non-athletes. We are naturally competitive and usually ego driven, which makes sense in many cases. Sometimes to beat the best you have to believe you are better than the best whether that is truly the case or not. Unfortunately during the college […]

college recruiting life

Why Recruiting Should Only Be Part Of Your Life


Where Does Recruiting Fit In? If you’ve decided that you’re interested in playing a sport in college then recruiting needs to be one of your priorities, but we are talking top 5, not your number 1 priority. Student-athletes should think of recruiting as something that is always with them; it helps motivate them and guide […]

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